MISS GAY & MISS TRANSSEXUAL AUSTRALIA INTERNATIONAL is an Australian-based international beauty pageant for drag performers and transgender women that aims to promote inclusion, diversity and equality for LGBTQIA+ people.


We believe that every person has the opportunity to be beautiful so that they can achieve their best and participate in and contribute to society.


No one should be discriminated against because of their differences such as age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, religion or sexual orientation. 

MISS GAY & MISS TRANSSEXUAL AUSTRALIA INTERNATIONAL is one of the first beauty pageants in the world to feature male-born contestants competing for two crowns:


'Miss Gay Australia International', for men who do not conform to the heterosexual model of female and male, and use the art of drag performance to challenge assumptions about gender roles; and


'Miss Transsexual Australia International', for pre- or post-operative transgender women and gender diverse individuals whose expression or gender identity is different from that which they were assigned at birth or which is expected by them by society. 



MISS GAY & MISS TRANSSEXUAL AUSTRALIA INTERNATIONAL was launched on February 5, 2010 in Bar 364 in St Kilda, Melbourne. 

One transgender woman's vision has laid the foundation for what today has become an iconic brand of unique beauty and entertainment for a cause.


Thanks to the support of volunteers, partners and supporters, we are now able to headhunt the most confident, relatable and strong role models to become positive agents of change in the community.


Many of our winners and contestants have gone on to high-profile professions in beauty, business, entertainment, food, healthcare, hospitality, real estate and professional services. We are a major event of Midsumma, Melbourne’s premier LGBTIQ+ festival.


Promote inclusion, diversity and equality for the LGBTQIA+ community in Australia and the rest of the world.


Provide contestants and winners with the tools, public exposure and networking opportunities so that they can be more self-confident to reach their personal goals, contribute to their family, be ambassadors for humanitarian issues, and, make a positive contribution to the community.



Be authentic and believe in everything we do, from the past to the present.

Be innovative and the best, support growth and self-expression.

Work collaboratively, look on the bright side and deliver results.

Communicate clearly, honestly and inclusively.

Be honest, fair and respectful.

Value diversity.

Lead by example and contribute to the community.


The MISS GAY & MISS TRANSSEXUAL AUSTRALIA INTERNATIONAL team is made up of talented event managers, show producers, marketing and public relations experts, beauty specialists and former winners and contestants who work endless hours to deliver a spectacular three-hour arts and cultural event that showcases the drag performers and transgender women in Australia and support needy charities and platforms. 

Our team is not afraid to work against the status quo to achieve results. Just look back at the pageant's humble beginnings in 2009 in the Melbourne living room of our founder Gayzha Davao, whose passion for beauty and beauty pageants led her to form a group “to raise awareness and promote acceptance and positive images of female impersonators/drag queens and transgender women”.


MISS GAY & MISS TRANSSEXUAL AUSTRALIA INTERNATIONAL is not just about breathtaking beauty, irreverent comedy and inspiring performances. Getting involved and giving back to the community are two of the core values of our brand. Among the charities and platforms promoted by our winners and contestants are:

Animals Australia - A national organisation in Australia that works to protect the most vulnerable and abused animals in our society.

Ausgender - The Gender Centre Inc - An organisation in New South Wales, Australia that is committed to developing and providing services and activities that help transgender people make informed choices.

Australian Childhood Foundation - A national organisation in Australia that works to save children from the trauma of child abuse, neglect and family violence.

Beyond Blue - A national organisation in Australia that works to address issues associated with depression, anxiety disorders and related mental disorders.

Cancer Council Victoria - A charity organisation in Victoria, Australia that aims to reduce the impact of cancer through cancer research, patient support, cancer prevention and advocacy.

Carmen Rupe Memorial Trust - A charity in New South Wales, Australia that works to perpetuate the legacy of the late Carmen Rupe, a Trans Tasman LGBTQIA+ icon, through charitable work and community service.

Deaf Australia - The national organisation in Australia for Deaf people who are bilingual – using both English and Auslan (Australian Sign Language).

Down Syndrome Australia - The national organisation in Australia for people with Down syndrome.

Equinox - A Victorian AIDS Council (VAC)-run trans and gender diverse (TGD) health service in Victoria, Australia that works to provide a safe environment for gender diverse clients to obtain quality medical care.

Kidney Health Australia - A national organisation in Australia that helps people with kidney disease and their families and carers.

Lung Foundation Australia A national charity in Australia that supports people with lung disease.

Rising Star - An organisation led by Miss Transsexual Australia International 2017 Laeticia Raveena that works with gifted transgender women to reach their full potential.

SEED – The first transgender-led non-government organisation in Malaysia that works to support socially excluded people such as the homeless, people living with HIV and transgender people.

Transkids Purple Rainbow Foundation – A non-profit organisation in the United States devoted to support transgender youth and their families.

The Gender Centre – The leading organisation in New South Wales, Australia that provides services and activities for people with gender issues, their partners, families and friends.

The Movember Foundation - The leading global organisation committed to changing the face of men's health.

Transgender Victoria – The leading organisation in Victoria, Australia that works to achieve justice, equity and quality health and community service provision for trans and gender diverse (TGD) people, their partners, families and friends.

Twenty10 – A LGBTQIA+ social support, counselling, housing, mental health service in Sydney, Australia for young people.

Ygender – A peer-led social support and advocacy group in Melbourne, Australia for young transgender people.

Victorian AIDS Council – The leading organisation in Victoria, Australia that provides care and support for people living with HIV, health promotion and advocacy.

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