Miss Gay Australia International 2019
Winner - MisTy DelRay (Tasmania) 
1st Runner Up - Ellectra Kute (Sydney)
2nd Runner Up - Kristina International (Adelaide)

Miss Transsexual Australia International 2019
Winner - Vienna Salvo (Melbourne/Phil)
1st Runner Up - Gzelle Kobir (Sydney/Bangladesh)
2nd Runner Up - Bonnie Sorayar (Melbourne/Thai)

Miss Gay
Best in National Costume - Ashley Madison
Best in Talent - Kristina International 
Best in Gown - Kristina International

Miss Transsexual
Best in National Costume - Vienna Salvo
Best in Apparel - Vienna Salvo
Best in Gown - Bonnie Sorayar

Miss Gay
Princess of Hearts - Neru Elizabeth Diana Prince
Fan Favourite - Misty del Ray
Miss Photogenic - Ashley Madison

Miss Transsexual
Princess of Hearts - Bonnie Sorayar
Fan Favourite - Gzelle Kobir
Miss Photogenic - Kristine Chambers




For Laeticia, travelling to Melbourne from Thailand to compete in Miss Transsexual Australia International 2017 has been “an exciting journey”.


Laeticia is a Malaysian businesswoman, model, actor, singer and French-trained culinary and pastry chef of the Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School and former leading showgirl of the world-famous Alcazar Cabaret in Pattaya, Thailand for 10 years.


“I wasn't expecting to win, especially since I had two minds about taking part in an international pageant in Australia and then feeling ill on the final day of the competition and having doubts about performing my best,” she said.


Laeticia, who also won in Best in Rio Costume, beat ten other beauties to win more than $20,000 in cash and kind prizes, including a US15,000 voucher for gender correction or cosmetic surgery at Kamol Cosmetic Hospital, in Bangkok.


During the pageant, she promoted Rising Star, a group she kicked off to empower and support gifted young transgender women to achieve their full potential.


“When I first started my transition to become a woman, I had a hard time finding a support network or role models,” she said.


“I had to find out all the information about transition online and was not supported by my peers who had already completed their transition.


"I am really pleased to now have the opportunity to use my platform as Miss Transsexual Australia 2017 to inform, educate and mentor younger transgender women starting their transition.”




Jacqui is a 27-year-old retail supervisor and professional female impersonator from the inner Melbourne suburb of Balaclava. Jacqui competed in the pageant in 2015 and came second in 2016. She decided she was going to keep trying until she won the crown.


“I have been part of the Melbourne drag scene for more than seven years, and took part in the pageant in the last few years to see how far I could go with my brand of female impersonation,” Jacqui said.


“I just can't describe how much it means to me to be validated for the hours of planning and work that go into perfecting my art.


“Now I can look back when I am older and be proud of another feather on my cap as a drag queen performer.”


Jacqui performed a choreographed three-and-a-half minute lip-sync of JLo’s ‘Let’s Get Loud’ and promoted the Movember Foundation during the pageant. 


She also won Miss Gay Photogenic, Best in Carnival Costume, Best in Evening Gown and Best in Talent.


Patience and persistence do pay!






Miss Gay Australia International 2017 – JACQUI MEOFF

1st Runner Up (2nd Place) – ESTHER RIX

2nd Runner Up (3rd Place) – KRISTINA FIERCE

Best in Rio Carnival Costume – JACQUI MEOFF

Best in Evening Gown – JACQUI MEOFF

Best in Talent – JACQUI MEOFF

Miss Photogenic – JACQUI MEOFF

Miss Social Media – ESTHER RIX.


Miss Transsexual Australia International 2017 – LAETICIA RAVEENA

1st Runner Up (2nd Place) – MARNIE MONROE

2nd Runner Up (3rd Place) – VICTORIA ANTHONY

3rd Runner Up (4th Place) – AMELIA GIANNI

4th Runner Up (5th Place) – JESSICA ALBORNOZ

Best in Rio Carnival Costume – LAETICIA RAVEENA

Best in Evening Gown – MARNIE MONROE

Best in Swimsuit – VICTORIA ANTHONY

Miss Congeniality – MARNIE MONROE

Miss Community Service Award – ALEXIS TAN

Miss Photogenic – VICTORIA ANTHONY

Miss Social Media – LORREN CACHERO.

2017 Winners (from left to right): KRISTINA FIERCE (Miss Gay Australia International 2017 – 2nd Runner Up), ESTHER RIX (Miss Gay Australia International 2017 – 1st Runner Up/Miss Social Media), JACQUI MEOFF (Miss Gay Australia International 2017 – Winner/Best in Rio Carnival Costume/Best in Evening Gown/Best in Talent/Miss Photogenic), LAETICIA RAVEENA (Miss Transsexual Australia International 2017 – Winner/Best in Rio Carnival Costume), MARNIE MONROE (Miss Transsexual Australia International 2017 – 1st Runner Up/Best in Evening Gown/Miss Congeniality), VICTORIA ANTHONY (Miss Transsexual Australia International 2017 – 2nd Runner Up/Best in Swimsuit/Miss Photogenic), AMELIA GIANNI (Miss Transsexual Australia International 2017 – 3rd Runner Up), JESSICA ALBORNOZ (Miss Transsexual Australia International 2017 – 4th Runner Up). Not in picture: ALEXIS TAN (Miss Transsexual Australia International 2017 – Miss Community Service) and LORREN CACHERO (Miss Transsexual Australia International 2017 – Miss Social Media). Photo: John Nazloomian.


ALEXIS TAN (Miss Transsexual Australia International 2017 – Miss Community Service). Photo: Miss Gay & Miss Transsexual Australia International.







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